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Capitalism is not democracy. When we put free-market capitalism before democracy, it becomes anti-democratic as it displaces public ownership and public responsibility and hides it in the pockets of corporations with only the most minimal standard of accountability.


The Socialist-Capitalist paradigm no longer makes sense in the context of global trade, global capital and global markets.  The difference between the two is really one of regulations.  Regulating state control vs deregulating free markets.  Large economies are regionalizing and competing over the varying degrees with which States perpetuates free market principles for large corporations while trying to protect the general welfare of their citizenry.


I love these hiding places, these secret paths, these back doors… these are the things that belong to me and only me. I will be quiet, absolutely silent. I will remember and never forget. I will learn how to wait. I will be a humble man, and if something smells bad I will get out of the chair and cross the room– and if it follows me, I will open a window.


What a human deserves is the opportunity to go back to a place that beat one like a dog, and walk erect in front of a decrepit statue that was his master. What a human deserves is to hold the breath that is inhaled when kissed. What a human deserves is the ability to turn a good man into a better man and take credit for it. What a human deserves is to let a passing moment linger forever rather than lose it in a moment of bad faith.


Understanding the tools which bind us, can we invert them as tools for negotiating peace?  

“When we can no longer separate the responsibility of democracy from our rights over how and what we consume or how we engage in markets, democracy becomes nothing more than feed in the trough of capitalism”

Capitalism does not require a free market, it requires an exchange of goods, services, and capital. It requires a market. People, markets, and supply chains flourished before Adam Smith. What provided wealth– including genuine wealth (aka wellbeing), was access to markets. Free market capitalism privatized that access. Yet markets have always thrived. Before free-marketeering there was no such thing as a unipolar single market until the US-led Marshall Plan imposed its will on the planet and the multipolar system. And history being the juggernaut that it is, has already paved its way forward. There are countless ways backwards, but I’m not interested in apocalyptic visions, so let’s keep paving it forward and regulate those markets by using real market indicators to establish values in things that have value, like ecological biodiversity and allow our oceans and forests to restore natural production and mutual security, for example.

I am a globalist in the sense that there are laws greater than some of the myopic interpretations of the original drafters of our constitution. Laws of Nature for one. The hubris of those who believe that their rights are greater than the laws of nature are not the masses, it is they who are the stupid elite

If you dismiss a conspiracy theory, then you embrace a coincidence theory!

The cost of empire is too high a price!